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React Firebase storage Upload and save url to firestore

In this tutorial, we'll talk about How to Upload Image to Firebase Storage and save URL to Firestore in React.js?. The users to upload images, files and data will be stored on Firebase Cloud Storage bucket. Scroll ...
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Upload Multiple Images And Store In Database Using PHP And MySQL.

In this article, we will look at how to upload Multiple Images And Store them In a Database Using PHP And MySQL. First, let's create an HTML form to upload multiple images or files to store the ...
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Integrating D3.js with React: Learn to Bring Data Visualization to Life 1st ed. Edition

Integrating D3.js with React: Learn to Bring Data Visualization to Life 1st ed. Edition

Integrate D3.js into a React TypeScript project and create a chart component working in harmony with React.  This book will show you how utilize D3 with React to bring life to your charts.

Seasoned author Elad Elrom will show you how to create simple charts such as line, bar, donut, scatter, histogram and others, and advanced charts such as a world map and force charts.  You’ll also learn to share the data across your components and charts using React Recoil state management. Then integrate third-party chart libraries that are built on D3 such as Rechart, Visx, Nivo, React-vi, and Victory and in the end deploy your chart as a server or serverless app on popular platforms.

React and D3 are two of the most popular frameworks in their respective areas – learn to bring them together and take your storytelling to the next level.

What You’ll Learn

Set up your project with React, TypeScript and D3.js
Create simple and advanced D3.js charts
Work with complex charts such as world and force charts
Integrate D3 data with React state management
Improve the performance of your D3 components
Deploy as a server or serverless app and debug test

Who This Book Is For

Readers that already have basic knowledge of React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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React and React Native: A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js, 3rd Edition

React and React Native: A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js, 3rd Edition

Price : $33.24

Book Purchase link : https://www.amazon.com/React-Native-complete-hands-development/dp/1839211148

Get up to speed with React, React Native, GraphQL and Apollo for building cross-platform native apps with the help of practical examples

Key Features
Covers the latest features of React such as Hooks, Suspense, NativeBase, and Apollo in this updated third edition
Get to grips with the React architecture for writing easy-to-manage web and mobile applications
Understand GraphQL and Apollo for building a scalable backend for your cross-platform apps
Book Description
React and React Native, Facebook’s innovative User Interface (UI) libraries, are designed to help you build robust cross-platform web and mobile applications. This updated third edition is improved and updated to cover the latest version of React. The book particularly focuses on the latest developments in the React ecosystem, such as modern Hook implementations, code splitting using lazy components and Suspense, user interface framework components using Material-UI, and Apollo. In terms of React Native, the book has been updated to version 0.62 and demonstrates how to apply native UI components for your existing mobile apps using NativeBase.

You will begin by learning about the essential building blocks of React components. Next, you’ll progress to working with higher-level functionalities in application development, before putting this knowledge to use by developing user interface components for the web and for native platforms. In the concluding chapters, you’ll learn how to bring your application together with a robust data architecture.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build React applications for the web and React Native applications for multiple mobile platforms.

What you will learn
Delve into the React architecture, component properties, state, and context
Get to grips with React Hooks for handling functions and components
Implement code splitting in React using lazy components and Suspense
Build robust user interfaces for mobile and desktop apps using Material-UI
Write shared components for Android and iOS mobile apps using React Native
Simplify layout design for React Native apps using NativeBase
Write GraphQL schemas to power web and mobile apps
Implement web and mobile components that are driven by Apollo
Who this book is for
This book is for any JavaScript developer who wants to start learning how to use Facebook’s UI libraries, React and React Native, for mobile and web application development. Although no prior knowledge of React is needed, working knowledge of JavaScript programming will help you understand the concepts covered in the book more effectively.

Table of Contents
Why React?
Rendering with JSX
Component Properties, State, and Context
Getting Started with Hooks
Event Handling – The React Way
Crafting Reusable Components
The React Component Life Cycle
Validating Component Properties
Handling Navigation with Routes
Code Splitting Using Lazy Components and Suspense
Server-Side React Components
User Interface Framework Components
Why React Native?
Kick-Starting React Native Projects
Building Responsive Layouts with Flexbox
Navigating Between Screens
Rendering Item Lists
Showing Progress
Geolocation and Maps
Collecting User Input
Displaying Modal Screens
Responding to User Gestures
Controlling Image Display
Going Offline
Native UI Components Using NativeBase
Handling Application State
Why Apollo?
Building an Apollo React App

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Node.js Design Patterns: Design and implement production-grade Node.js applications using proven patterns and techniques, 3rd Edition

Node.js Design Patterns: Design and implement production-grade Node.js applications using proven patterns and techniques, 3rd Edition

Learn proven patterns, techniques, and tricks to take full advantage of the Node.js platform. Master well-known design principles to create applications that are readable, extensible, and that can grow big.

Key Features
Learn how to create solid server-side applications by leveraging the full power of Node.js 14
Understand how Node.js works and learn how to take full advantage of its core components as well as the solutions offered by its ecosystem
Avoid common mistakes and use proven patterns to create production grade Node.js applications
Book Description
In this book, we will show you how to implement a series of best practices and design patterns to help you create efficient and robust Node.js applications with ease.

We kick off by exploring the basics of Node.js, analyzing its asynchronous event driven architecture and its fundamental design patterns. We then show you how to build asynchronous control flow patterns with callbacks, promises and async/await. Next, we dive into Node.js streams, unveiling their power and showing you how to use them at their full capacity. Following streams is an analysis of different creational, structural, and behavioral design patterns that take full advantage of JavaScript and Node.js. Lastly, the book dives into more advanced concepts such as Universal JavaScript, scalability and messaging patterns to help you build enterprise-grade distributed applications.

Throughout the book, you’ll see Node.js in action with the help of several real-life examples leveraging technologies such as LevelDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, and many others. They will be used to demonstrate a pattern or technique, but they will also give you a great introduction to the Node.js ecosystem and its set of solutions.

What you will learn
Become comfortable with writing asynchronous code by leveraging callbacks, promises, and the async/await syntax
Leverage Node.js streams to create data-driven asynchronous processing pipelines
Implement well-known software design patterns to create production grade applications
Share code between Node.js and the browser and take advantage of full-stack JavaScript
Build and scale microservices and distributed systems powered by Node.js
Use Node.js in conjunction with other powerful technologies such as Redis, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, and LevelDB
Who this book is for
This book is for developers and software architects who have some prior basic knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js and now want to get the most out of these technologies in terms of productivity, design quality, and scalability. Software professionals with intermediate experience in Node.js and JavaScript will also find valuable the more advanced patterns and techniques presented in this book.

This book assumes that you have an intermediate understanding of web application development, databases, and software design principles.

Table of Contents
The Node.js Platform
The Module System
Callbacks and Events
Asynchronous Control Flow Patterns with Callbacks
Asynchronous Control Flow Patterns with Promises and Async/Await
Coding with Streams
Creational Design Patterns
Structural Design Patterns
Behavioral Design Patterns
Universal JavaScript for Web Applications
Advanced Recipes
Scalability and Architectural Patterns
Messaging and Integration Patterns

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React Native for Mobile Development: Harness the Power of React Native to Create Stunning iOS and Android Applications

React Native for Mobile Development: Harness the Power of React Native to Create Stunning iOS and Android Applications

Develop native iOS and Android apps with ease using React Native. Learn by doing through an example-driven approach, and have a substantial running app at the end of each chapter. This second edition is fully updated to include ES7 (ECMAScript 7), the latest version of React Native (including Redux), and development on Android.

You will start by setting up React Native and exploring the anatomy of React Native apps. You’ll then move on to Redux data flow, how it differs from flux, and how you can include it in your React Native project to solve state management differently and efficiently. You will also learn how to boost your development by including popular packages developed by the React Native community that will help you write less; do more. Finally, you’ll learn to how write test cases using Jest and submit your application to the App Store.

React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS and Android development with revolutionary components, asynchronous execution, unique methods for touch handling, and much more. This book reveals the the path-breaking concepts of React.js and acquaints you with the React way of thinking so you can learn to create stunning user interfaces.

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Hands-On Design Patterns with React Native: Proven techniques and patterns for efficient native mobile development with JavaScript

Hands-On Design Patterns with React Native: Proven techniques and patterns for efficient native mobile development with JavaScript

React Native helps developers reuse code across different mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

This book will show you effective design patterns in the React Native world and will make you ready for professional development in big teams.

The book will focus only on the patterns that are relevant to JavaScript, ECMAScript, React and React Native. However, you can successfully transfer a lot of the skills and techniques to other languages. I call them “Idea patterns”.

This book will start with the most standard development patterns in React like component building patterns, styling patterns in React Native and then extend these patterns to your mobile application using real world practical examples. Each chapter comes with full, separate source code of applications that you can build and run on your phone.

The book is also diving into architectural patterns. Especially how to adapt MVC to React environment. You will learn Flux architecture and how Redux is implementing it. Each approach will be presented with its pros and cons. You will learn how to work with external data sources using libraries like Redux thunk and Redux Saga.

The end goal is the ability to recognize the best solution for a given problem for your next mobile application.

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Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native

Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native

Discover how to use React Native in the real world, from scratch. This book shows you what React Native has to offer, where it came from, and where it’s going.

You’ll begin with a solid foundation of practical knowledge, and then build on it immediately by constructing three different apps. You’ll learn how to use each feature of React Native by working on two full projects and one full game. These aren’t just simple React Native Hello World examples (although you’ll naturally start there!) but are apps that you can, if you so choose, install on your mobile devices and use for real.

Throughout this book, you’ll gain real-world familiarity with React Native as well as supporting components from Expo, NativeBase, React Navigation and the Redux and Lodash libraries. You’ll also build server-side code for a mobile React Native app to talk to using the popular Node.js and Socket.io library, providing you a holistic view of things even beyond React Native. And, you’ll see many helpful tips, tricks and gotchas to watch out for along the way!

Practical React Native offers practical exercises that will give you a solid grasp of building apps with React Native, allowing you to springboard into creating more advanced apps on your own.Creating a game with React Native will allow you to see a whole other perspective on what React Native can do.

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