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Integrate D3.js into a React TypeScript project and create a chart component working in harmony with React.  This book will show you how utilize D3 with React to bring life to your charts.

Seasoned author Elad Elrom will show you how to create simple charts such as line, bar, donut, scatter, histogram and others, and advanced charts such as a world map and force charts.  You’ll also learn to share the data across your components and charts using React Recoil state management. Then integrate third-party chart libraries that are built on D3 such as Rechart, Visx, Nivo, React-vi, and Victory and in the end deploy your chart as a server or serverless app on popular platforms.

React and D3 are two of the most popular frameworks in their respective areas – learn to bring them together and take your storytelling to the next level.

What You’ll Learn

  • Set up your project with React, TypeScript and D3.js
  • Create simple and advanced D3.js charts
  • Work with complex charts such as world and force charts
  • Integrate D3 data with React state management
  • Improve the performance of your D3 components
  • Deploy as a server or serverless app and debug test

Who This Book Is For

Readers that already have basic knowledge of React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.