In this post, we are going to see how to set up a React App to Firebase host for free. It is developed by Google for creating web and mobile (IOS & Android) applications. Firebase Hosting is a reliable, fast, and secure way to host your react apps. Scroll down to the page so you can see the full source code available for this.

Firebase Hosting is free for 10GB storage and SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). The first is to create react app and the second is to create Firebase for the deployment purpose. It offers Free and Paid options. Firebase NodeJs working on paid options.

Setting up your Firebase account

Step 1 : First thing, Go to this link to firebase official website.

Next, Open Firebase website and click the ‘Get started’ button.


Open a terminal window and Run the following npm command to install the CLI (a command line tool).

Install Firebase Tools:

 npm install -g firebase-tools  

firebase Sign in to Google

 firebase login  

firebase Sign out to Google - firebase logout

Firebase Hosting Website

Step1: First, Initiate your project app's root directory and Run this command line below.

 firebase init  

Now type y as we are ready to proceed.

Step2: Select - spacebar key - Hosting: Configure and deploy Firebase Hosting sites.

Step3: Select - Use an existing project option.

Select the your firebase project.

public directly? - build

single-page app - y

deploys with GitHub? - n

overwrite? - n

Deploy react app to Firebase

 firebase deploy  

Now, Your React App is deployed with Firebase Free hosting.

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