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PHP is one of the most important server-side web programming languages, and in combination with the database system MySQL and the database language SQL, an easy to learn, but also very powerful programming language to create dynamic websites.

With this book, you will learn how to create your own dynamic websites with PHP, starting with the basics using many practical examples. Makes a perfect gift idea for a computer scientist or programmer who is just starting to learn programming language.

This book can help propel you into the professional level in the field of the creation of dynamic websites by the language of PHP programming. In this first part, for beginners, you will discover:

The world of web development, the basics of the PHP programming language, the solid bases that will accompany you throughout your life PHP, the processing of information from users and some notions on the network, and much more!
Perfect for beginners.
Learn to program dynamic websites with PHP and SQL!

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This book covers all the important topics you need to learn in PHP, including plenty of practical code examples to show you how everything works together. We cover all the major concepts and explain them in a no-nonsense, easy-to-learn manner.
Here’s what you will learn:
What PHP is and how to install it
Real-world examples
PHP constants, operators and variables
PHP Expressions, operators and statements, including the if, else, and if-else statements
PHP looping, including the while, for and do-while loops
Break and continue statements
PHP functions, including arguments and default values
PHP arrays, including looping through arrays and multi-dimensional arrays
PHP Superglobals
Object-oriented programming concepts
Classes, abstract classes, objects, inheritance and multiple inheritance
PHP and SQL database commands
And much more
Throughout the book, you will find examples, carefully chosen to show you how each concept works, along with the code output.
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